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Bedroom Makeover

Finally, a bedroom makeover! Redecorating the bedroom was a lower priority item, since it is not a common area that guests will typically see or dwell in. So this was a long-awaited project that took lots of time, plenty of changed-minds, and of course, tons of DIYs.


The biggest challenge with the room was the size. We originally had a king-sized bed when we first got married, but when we moved to this house, the rooms were smaller, so we downgraded to a queen bed. Even with a smaller bed, the room still seemed so crammed. Here’s a before pic below. Excuse the poor lighting and dog photobomb. I actually took this photo to sell the bed frame and never got a decent before pic.


Here was my plan for redoing the room (in no particular order):

  1. Get rid of the bulky bed frame and replace it with a basic black metal base (minimize as much as possible)
  2. Replace the current night stands with a matching set and matching table lamps
  3. Redecorate the walls
  4. Put a nice rug in the room somewhere

When I started with getting rid of the bed frame, I immediately went searching for new nightstands. I found these beautiful ones on Target and ordered them. (Link here). They are super easy to put together and the drawer has a ton of storage.

IMG_2077Woven basket (TJMaxx) | Rug (Etsy, however would not recommend seller)

My original intention was actually to keep the bed against the south wall (like how it is in the before pic), however, upon receiving the nightstands, I discovered that they would not fit with the bed on that side of the wall (the website dimensions for the nightstands were off). So I decided to rotate the bed to place it directly below the window. I actually ended up liking this a lot more, and with a smaller and lower bed frame, it made the room look a lot bigger.

The combination of rotating the bed to a different wall, and getting nightstands gave me inspiration for finishing the rest of the room. The south wall now was completely bare, so I started to think about how to decorate the wall. I thought of maybe doing a gallery wall, but eventually decided on having one long shelf run across the wall. I also have always loved accent painted or wallpapered walls, so decided to play with the idea of painting the south wall. I put together a quick mockup of a room layout on excel (see below) and took a poll on instagram (thank you, voters!) just to get some help deciding. The vote leaned towards painting the wall, which was what I was leaning towards as well. So I decided to do it. We used “Forest Edge” by Behr.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 12.44.48 PM

For the floating shelf, I originally planned on having one big thick hunk of wood that ran from wall to wall. I then saw a post by one of my design crushes, Erin of @kismet_house of a floating shelf she had recently put up in her living room. It looked amazing, as everything in her house does, so I talked to the husband about creating the same type of thing. We used her tutorial (link here), and made a shorter, 7-foot version of it with Minwax English Chestnut stain. I actually think this style shelf worked better, considering I am leaning wall art on it. The front lip adds extra security should the frames slide a bit.

IMG_2069XL Lumbar pillow cover (D+K Renewal) same one is no longer available, but they have tons of other options

IMG_2094Brass Bird Figure (Target) | Vintage Books, Brass Candleholders (Thrifted)

For the wall art, I searched Etsy and took screenshots to play with the layout and combination on the excel mockup. The moon phase, blue picture and the set of line art are from Neptune Art Prints (link here), and the Seattle map is from Earth Squared (link here). I recommend printing at Costco. Quick, affordable, and good quality! All the frames shown on the shelf, as well as the ones shown above the night stand are all thrifted from Goodwill.

Although I love the DIY floating shelf, I’m most proud of the bed skirt that I DIYed out of $6 fabric from the LA Fabric District. With the small bedroom, we have to put some storage under the bed, so I knew I needed a bed skirt but didn’t want a plain one that they use in hotels. I was inspired to make a ruffle bed skirt after seeing some on Etsy that were beautiful, but a bit pricey.

IMG_2074Mudcloth throw (Mali Mudcloth in LA)

I’m not even entirely sure what the material is, but its a chiffon-like fabric that ruffles beautifully. I’ve never sewn ruffles before, so it was a challenge to figure out, but I absolutely LOVE the turn out. I have yet to figure out how I want to put all the pieces together, so for the purpose of getting this blog up, the panels are just tucked under the mattress!

Here are some more links to decor items:

IMG_2119Marble Tray (VanderHoem!) | Quartz Clock (Thrifted)

IMG_2115Wooden Candle Pillars (Target, Opalhouse) | Table lamps (Ross Stores)

IMG_2079Glass Jewelry box (West Elm)

The Macrame/Woven Wall hanging was a DIY and I used a metal vase from Target, Hearth&Hand, see pic below)

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 1.13.00 PM

Here is a breakdown of the costs to redo the room:

  1. Decor, wall art – $153.00
  2. Paint – $13.00
  3. Nightstands – $247.00
  4. Rug – $281.00
  5. Table lamps – $40.00
  6. DIY Bed Frame wooden base – $65.00
  7. DIY Bed skirt – $6.00
  8. Bedding (duvet, bed sheets) – $75.00
  9. DIY Shelf – $22.00
  10. Curtains – $20.00

In total, we spent under $1,000 for basically everything except the mattress which we already had. Not bad! You can definitely redecorate a room for even less if you already have a lot of the basics. One final thing we might add is another set of curtains to go over the otherwise mesh, sheer-like curtains we have here (hard to see with the light shining through!). But besides that, this room is complete!

Oh, also, no images shown of the east wall (its not very interesting, just a full length mirror and some shelves for jewelry).

Let me know if you would like more info on anything we did in this makeover!




And don’t worry, Zion sleeps in this corner of the room (bed removed for pictures).

Thanks for reading!





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I left my promising career because of one thing


Today was my last day in the world of corporate America. To be more specific, a career in public accounting as an IT Auditor. A career I fought long and hard for. Yes, five years of school, countless hours of studying and tens of thousands of dollars. It was far from being an easy decision for countless reasons. So what made me leave? Passion. Or rather, lack thereof.

Did I know I wouldn’t be passionate about accounting years ago when I decided to major in it? I probably could’ve guessed I wouldn’t be. But it wasn’t about knowing whether or not I’d be passionate about accounting, it was about not realizing back then how important passion would be to me when it came to my career. I thought that all that mattered was having a good job where one day I could become some top executive and make tons of money and be successful. For some people that might be enough to motivate them to stay in a job they don’t love, but for me? I realized that it wasn’t enough. I was only in the public accounting/corporate world for four years, but I whole-heartedly tried to give this career my all. I actually wanted nothing more than to love my job because I knew where it could take me. But honestly, I knew right away from my first internship that I didn’t love it. But I kept at it in hopes that one day I’d learn to love it. I just need to give it time, right? Nope. I mean, I don’t regret giving it time, because I learned a TON in my IT audit life, and formed awesome relationships with awesome people. So much of my experience and knowledge I was able to use in starting my small business. But all the time in the world could not make me love my job. It made the decision to leave both difficult and simple at the same time. Simple, because I knew it wasn’t where I was supposed to be, but difficult, because I wanted so badly for it to work. As exciting as it is for me to start a new venture, I had to say goodbye to a part of me. A part of me that dreamed of being a top executive. A part of me that worked so hard in business school and fought through competitive recruiting to land a job at one of the best accounting firms in the world. It’s not easy to let that go. But I had to do it.

So let’s break down how passion led me to leave my career in two main points.

Gonna miss this view.

1. Success ≠ Lots of money

Let’s start with why I got into my career to begin with. Everyone wants to be successful, right? I always have. And I used to think success was measured by how many figures were in your bank account, or what title was listed under your name in your email signature or business card. Accounting was a way I thought I would gain this idea of success in the shortest amount of time. I wanted to become a CEO in a corporation. And I learned that most CEOs have a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license and that CPAs major in accounting. And if I wanted to be a big time executive in the corporate world, accounting must be the way to go. I recall getting offered my job before I even graduated college and thinking about how my life was going to be set up for success so long as I continued to work hard at it. So when I started to fall in love with home interiors and making home decor and furniture, I had to start thinking about letting go of that idea of success. I had to redefine what success meant to me. For some, success might equal big money and a big title, but I don’t believe you’re truly successful until you’ve realized your fullest potential on earth. And I believe that success is achieving great things within your passion. And passion? We’ll get into that with this next point.



2. Passion is not something you choose. It chooses you.

Redefining success is what ultimately led me to open myself up to discovering what I was really passionate about because for so long, all I kept thinking about was how to make myself love my job more, instead of thinking about what I really, really wanted to do for a career. When I began to open myself up to that, I started to realize how important being passionate about your job is. There are so many things I’m passionate about that I don’t even know where to start. But I can’t ever recall a time where I chose to be passionate about something. Everyone is passionate about something, and at the very core, it goes back to what you love and what makes you happy. And when you’re doing something you’re passionate about, you’re happy. And a happy life isn’t something I want. It’s something I need. It’s what we all need.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved creating. Whether it be writing, drawing, painting, or even making a fancy color-coded excel budget with formulas (yes, I have multiple of these). I simply love to create. I just never thought I’d be able to turn creating things into a career. It wasn’t until I started putting together the interiors in our home and making different home decor items and furniture with my husband that I started to realize how much I loved it. I would spend every last hour of the day making things and dreaming up new ideas. The more I fell in love with creating things, the more it made me dread going to my day job. It made me wish that I could just work on house stuff as my work. I mean, when you do something you love and are passionate about, it doesn’t feel like work. It feels like you’re doing something you were created to do. I believe God created us all with passions instilled in our very being and that our greatest potential is only realized when we live them out. At the end of my life, do I want to look back and see that my life was used for its greatest purpose? Heck yes. Did I know right away what the purpose of my life was? Heck no. But it was during my struggle of trying to find happiness and purpose in my career that it made me think really long and hard about what I truly wanted. what truly made me happy. Call it a quarter life crisis if you will. It definitely put things in perspective for me and made me reevaluate where my source of joy came from. The happier I became when creating things and redoing the home, the more I realized that this was my purpose. And you know what? When I was 16 I wanted to become an Interior Designer. I always thought that it was just a dream. But now I realize it can be more than that.


So back to today. My last day. Not when I imagined it would be, but still exciting because I know what I need to focus on. I’m oddly thankful for how everything turned out, because had I not majored in accounting and started a career in corporate America, I would have never known that it couldn’t make me happy. And I feel like I always would have wondered that. Now I don’t. And even today I still don’t have the exact answers or a plan as to what my long term future looks like, but if it’s starting with doing something I love, I’ll let the rest unravel into place.

Another awkward pic. Not sure what to do with my hands.

P.S. Thank you to my dear friend, Andy Phan for following me around downtown and taking pics to commemorate this big day! Sorry for the awkwardness.



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Decorating for the Holidays

Hello friends! I’m excited to be writing my first post, and it’s about one of my favorite times to decorate–the holidays! My husband and I are renting a cute little house from my best friend’s parents, and I just love the open concept and vaulted ceilings. It definitely makes it fun to decorate and furnish. Enjoy the post! Oh, and of course my handsome pup, Zion, will be making some appearances.


The Christmas Tree

Let’s start with our tree–this beautiful Nordmann Fir was from Wilson Hill Christmas Tree Farm in Maple Valley, WA. They have You-Cut trees, which I think is more fun–since we get to walk around the entire farm looking for just the right one. My favorite is the Noble fir, but we couldn’t find one we liked this year. We got a 6 foot tall tree, which fits in perfectly in our small space. Pricing at this farm was $8/foot for Douglas, and $10/foot for all others. Next year, we hope to get a permit to go cut one down in the woods! That should be fun (and more affordable–permits are about $10).

If you’re debating between a real vs. fake tree, I’d totally recommend going with a real one! It is pricier, but it’s a lot more fun to hunt for a real tree. If you’re worried about the needles shedding, I would suggest the Noble, Nordmann, Fraser, or Blue Spruce.



Unlike the green stringed Christmas tree lights you normally see on trees, I opted for copper wire LED lights which I just love. I actually use them all over the house (they’re wrapped around the windows too). I got mine on Amazon linked here. (The length I got for my tree is 60ft, but it looks like only 33ft is available right now). I love the copper wire lights because not only are they decorative, but I can also adjust the brightness, make them flash, and the wiring is great for wrapping around the sparse areas of the tree without being too bulky.

The Shiny, Sparkly Stuff

Now for the fun stuff. Last year I decided on a “metals” color palette, complete with gold, silver, rose gold and bronze. I decided to go with the same color palette (minus the silver) and added more white/ivory to the mix. I bought most of my picks and ribbon from Joann Fabrics and Michaels, and the colored ornaments on the tree were actually all clear plastic ones that I spray painted.

Tip: Joann & Michael’s always have Christmas decor sales and they start pretty early too. You can also sign up to get coupons via email, or download their apps to get access to coupons. I never pay full price for anything at those stores! Most of the picks/decor items I get for 50-70% off. If you really want a steal, go after Christmas and stock up for next year.

I personally love adding some earthy elements to just about everything, so I added a ton of fabric flowers to the tree and just love how much texture it brings. The white poinsettias and light pink roses were just Christmas picks I found at Joann, but the white peonies were actually a bouquet that I took apart and just placed on the branches.

My favorite new additions this year would be the ornaments I found from H&M, Crate & Barrel, and the macrame ones I made myself! The Crate & Barrel ornament is just perfect for my plant loving self. I added some white pebbles and an airplant to it. The nice thing about this ornament, is  I can use it as a decorative piece for the rest of the year.


H&M gold metal ones (pictured in the top right corner above) linked here. Also comes in silver.

Crate & Barrel geo terrarium ones linked here. Also comes in other shapes.

These little macrame guys were so fun to make. I found the tiny driftwood pieces at Lake Wenatchee when I went to Leavenworth, WA with my girlfriends.

For the tree topper, I didn’t want to do the usual star, so I YouTubed a tutorial on making a big ribbon bow, and just stuck that on top of the tree.


Garland & Pine Cones Everywhere

I think garland is the best and most beautiful way to decorate just about anything. Around the windows, on top of shelves or dressers, or in a vase! We luckily live in a heavily wooded area with tons of trees that I can steal some branches from to make my own garland.

I then like to accent the garland with some Christmas tree picks or wooden beads. The wooden beads I got from Amazon, and strung myself. The exact pack of beads I bought is not available anymore, but just search “wooden beads” and there will be plenty of results. The sizes I have are 12mm and 20mm.

Pine cones are also an easy way to decorate. I bought a pack of them at Joann, and then spray painted them. To make them into ornaments as well, I hot glued some twine to a few of them.

The “Happy Holidays” banner was gifted from my sweet friend Vansica of Miss Sun Creates. Check her out for customized party/event goods and gifts!



Sooo I recently became obsessed with pillows and pillow covers. For the holidays, I knew I needed some velvet (been crushin’ on velvet for forever now, so any excuse for more velvet is a good one!) and jewel tone colors. I found some awesome velvet options on H&M home, as well as TJ Maxx and Pottery Barn. I mixed the velvet pillows with my other every day pillows (including mudcloth–my current obsession), and I think they all look great together.

Along with pillows, I gotta throw some blankets in there. Oh, and fur. Lots of fur.

and everything else

Here are just a few more snippets around the house. My marble trays and coasters are shown below as well! You can purchase them directly on my site here.

Hope you enjoyed the blog post! Feel free to let me know if you have any feedback. If you’d like to see more posts, let me know what content you’d like to see!


Lisa (and Zion)