About us

VanderHoem is born out of our last name, VanderHoek. We wanted a name that was unique and meaningful to us, but that also spoke to what we specialize in–home interiors.


Hi! I’m Lisa VanderHoek, the visionary, creator, and main person behind our business and products. My husband, Jesse, is the primary craftsman behind our woodworking custom products.

I left my IT Auditing job in March of 2018 to pursue this shop & to become an Interior Designer. Read more about why I left in my blog post, I left my promising career because of one thing. Jesse works as a police officer in the Seattle area, and has been a part of the police force since 2012. We have a German Shepherd named Zion. He doesn’t do anything for VanderHoem, except model in some of the photos of our home.

We both grew up in the PNW, and we both love creating things. It’s always tough in the midst of a project, but the end result is extremely rewarding to us. Aside from VanderHoem and Jesse’s full-time job as a LEO (law enforcement officer), we live to serve God at our church in Seattle, WA. We are lifetime believers of Christ, and could not be where we are without his grace and provision. Traveling is another passion of ours. We hope to travel to multiple places each year and explore the natural wonders and diverse cultures that the world has to offer. And of course, to try all the good eats!

If you would like to know anything more about us, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Home Decor & Furniture

At VanderHoem, we bring you ready-to-purchase home decor items, as well as custom made items, all handcrafted by us. Many of our products are our own design, but we also draw inspiration from various products around the world.

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Interior Design & Styling

E-Design & In-Person Design Services

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