The First Bathroom Renovation

I’m so excited to reveal our first bathroom renovation! In our new home, we have one full bathroom and a master half bath (and one brand new bathroom we converted from a den/office). When we first toured the home, we knew immediately that the bathrooms needed to be renovated–it appeared as though most of it had not been renovated since the year it was built (1962)! We gutted them both immediately, and started planning. Although both bathrooms were worked on simultaneously, the master half bath is the first bathroom to be fully completed!

Since I’m really bad at progress shots, I only have this one of the new floor being installed! I had my heart set on Bedrosians “Enchante Moderno” from the first time I laid eyes on it, so instead of doing different tile in each bathroom as I originally planned, I decided to do this tile in both upstairs bathrooms. One issue we ran into when our contractor was laying tile was that the floor wasn’t level! We quickly learned that almost everything in the house wasn’t square… lot’s of non-level walls and floors in almost every room… which basically meant that we had to do our best to make things level and straight, but it didn’t always work out! Because this bathroom transitions right into our bedroom floor, we couldn’t level it out, otherwise the transition from room to room would be too drastic.

The inspiration to add shiplap in the bathroom was actually because of the existing trim that the previous owners wrapped around the walls. It also meant that we didn’t have to worry about fixing the wall where we had to tear out the old trim. I also originally painted the upper half of the bathroom the same color as the rest of the house (New York City Winter by Valspar), but I realized that the room needed some contrast and color! So I went shade shopping for the perfect green and landed on Fresh Balsam by Sherwin Williams.

Now for more details on what all went into this bathroom! Also, do you spot the bidet? It was an awesome housewarming gift, and we love bidets so much we made sure to install outlets behind each toilet in the bathroom so that we can add bidets to all of our toilets one day.

For this bathroom, I went with all brass finishes. I love the idea of mixing metals, but because it’s only a half bath, I decided to save that challenge for the new downstairs bath we are adding.

The recessed cabinet that we took out of the back wall we decided to replace with a new one that Jesse built. For a while I thought about just patching the hole with drywall and then building floating shelves across the back, but that may have to be a future project. Who knows!

Here are all the prices and sources for this bathroom makeover that only cost us about $2,564.42!

  • Vanity w/ Mirror included – Wayfair – $703.99
  • Bathroom light – Wayfair – $212.62
  • Tile – Bedrosians in Enchante Moderno – $236.10
  • Faucet – Amazon – $130.89
  • Soap dispenser & toothbrush tumbler – Anko – $15.40
  • Storage baskets – Anko (Can’t find the same size on the website, but these are a different size) – $33.00
  • Towel Ring, hooks & toilet paper holder – West Elm – $58.14
  • Towels – Olive & Linen – $46.20
  • Shiplap & Trim – Lowes – $70.36
  • Vintage Rug – Etsy – $100.32
  • Other misc. materials (mortar, toilet, etc.) – $324.42
  • Paint – Sherwin Williams in Fresh Balsam – $32.98
  • Tile & plumbing labor – Approx. $600.00

Thanks for reading! And stick around for more bathroom renovations!




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