Dining Room Makeover

The last area in our common space got a makeover over the past couple of months! When we first moved in, we already had a 7 piece dining set. It was a nice set, but it was counter height. With a smaller home and an open floor plan, the counter height table was just a tad too tall. We started with selling our existing set and slowly purchasing new items for the makeover. Luckily, we have a kitchen island with two barstools, so we still had a place to eat while we waited on new furniture to arrive. We managed to sell the dining set for $230.00. We also sold a dresser that sits in the corner of the dining area. It was a beautiful vintage MCM piece, but it was too small to fit all of Jesse’s clothes (smaller home means barely any closet space, which means a dresser in dining room to house clothing). The dresser sold for $300.00.

Here’s a before shot. It is the very first setup I had in the dining room. The vintage dresser wasn’t in the picture yet!


Here’s a pic of the vintage dresser. I only had a pic of it when it was decorated for Christmas.


We started with picking out a table. We wanted a normal height dining table, and one that could sit up to 6 people. We love to host and entertain, so having enough seating was important, even though the space is small. In order to maximize space, we figured getting a dining table with a leaf would be best. However, we couldn’t find a table that came with a hidden leaf that we liked. So we ended up getting a longer table and instead tried to figure out a way to save space with the seating. The best solution? Instead of buying 6 chairs, we bought 4 matching chairs and 1 bench. That way the bench can be placed elsewhere in the house when it isn’t needed. We will be putting ours near the front door right behind the sofa. It doubles as a nice bench to have while putting on shoes! With the shorter table, the room immediately felt like it was bigger, as opposed to when we had the counter height table in here.

IMG_3977.JPGDining Table (Wayfair) | Chairs (Houzz) | Rug (RugsUSA)

We weren’t planning on getting a rug in the dining room, because there are already 3 rugs in the common area: 1 in the living room, 1 in the corner office, and a runner in the kitchen. The space just didn’t look complete without one though. So I originally wanted a round or odd-shaped rug (like a faux cowhide), but I felt like I may outgrow a round rug or cowhide. Plus the table may not balance nicely on top of it. So we chose a rectangular rug that would fit underneath. I wanted to avoid white, because we have a 85 lb german shepherd who has already stained my white living room rug a bit… and we can’t afford a beautiful moroccan rug (my dream). So I went searching on RugsUSA. Which is kind of my go to site for rugs. They always have deals. As much as I didn’t want another white rug, this one was calling my name. So what the heck, it was 55% off, so I bought it! I just didn’t think a darker rug would look nice with the already dark table and grey chairs. The size we purchased was 5’3″ x 7’7″. It fits real well underneath the tables and chairs.

IMG_3937.JPGDresser (Houzz) | Cow Print (Taken by me!)

Giving up the gorgeous vintage MCM dresser we had before was hard. It was a beauty! But it just didn’t fit all that we needed to fit. Plus, this weathered oak dresser makes the dining room corner much brighter. Side note, I asked Jesse to keep his eyes open for pampas grass while he patrols his city, and he found some on the side of I-405! He tried to sneak away with garden shears one day to work, but I was suspicious and knew immediately that he must have found some. Isn’t it beautiful?? Makes me want to have a wedding re-do cause that stuff would look amazing in a wedding!! Anyway. Back to the dining room. Notice the little plant trays on the ledge? My mini-nursery! This corner gets the most sunlight (south-facing), and is perfect for propagating and nurses plants back to life. And I can’t forget about the cow print. I took this photo when we were in Edinburgh, Scotland of the Highland Cattle! It was a surreal experience to be so close to them, and they’re so cute! I got it printed and framed it with a frame from Ikea. I only wish it was a bigger size! I may just sell this guy and print a bigger one out… who knows..


The last change I made to the dining room was to redecorate the south wall. We previously had a beautiful weathered-wood handmade clock up there, but the style didn’t quite match with the rest of the house. I did have a problem with my string of hearts plant growing out of control. Some vines were already hitting the floor (and I had already trimmed it once!). I liked that it was growing really long, but didn’t know how to hang it so that it wouldn’t drag on the floor. I was originally going to make a macrame piece and hang it on the wall, but when I brought the wooden dowels home, I tried just having the dowels against the wall and draping the plant across them. I liked this idea more, so I got some leather strap out and used it to hang the dowels. The nice thing is, it was so inexpensive to make this setup, so if I really don’t like it after a while, I can change up the wall again!


Here’s the breakdown of what we spent:

We had $530.00 to start with after selling the old dining set ($230.00) and dresser ($300.00).

Dining table – $303.59

Dining bench – $134.29 (w/ a discount from T-mobile & Google Express)

Chairs – $337.99 (w/ a discount from my AmEx CC)

Dresser – $174.83 (w/ a discount from my AmEx CC)

Rug – $90.00 (On sale 55% off)

Total = $1,040.70 – (less money to start $530.00) = $510.70

That concludes the dining room makeover. Oh, and of course, here’s an appearance from Zion! He loves the new rug!




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